Adonis Blue (Lysandra bellargus)

When you see so many Adonis Blue out on the Dorset cliffs it is hard to believe this is a nationally scarce species. This time of year they are more numerous than the Common Blue.

When we first moved here to Dorset four years ago I was worried that I would not notice the difference between the two. Actually, once you have seen the brilliant blue of the Adonis you will not mistake the species thereafter.

I don't think the camera really does the colour justice. I have taken many photos of the Adonis and none really seem to truly reflect the stunning colour. What this photo does show however, is that on the Adonis the black veins in the wing run through the white edge, the only 'blue' that that occurs on. The Adonis is also larger than the Common Blue.

At the moment there are masses of Horseshoe Vetch out on the cliffs and as that is the sole food plant of the young Adonis larvae then where there is Horseshoe Vetch then you may find Adonis Blue.

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